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Hi old and new friends!

I'm Candace Roberts copy.png

I am here to help you move forward and find healing, wholeness, and joy.

I am a former mental health therapist, and a current minister, writer, wife, mother of 5, prophetic voice, and survivor of narcissistic abuse.  

During a period of 7 years,  I experienced an incredibly difficult wilderness season. During this time, I experienced the complete stripping away of almost everything in my life. I found myself a single mother of four children; my youngest was extremely ill at the time and required daily medical care to survive. I had to surrender everything, including finances, belongings, closest friendships, and much more, during this season.

Through this process, I realized the unhealed places in myself that led to relationships riddled with abuse. I learned what true surrender was and the beauty it produced. When I work with my clients, I can meet them where they are because I have been in and continue to be in the place of complete surrender. I work with my clients to go beyond the surface and address the deep things that have hindered them for so long.

I know how it is to wait on promises through long, difficult seasons. As a mom of 5, I have faced almost every kind of stressful situation you can imagine. There are keys to overcoming, keys to healing, keys to overwhelm, not feeling fulfilled, and most of all, keys to walking in all that God has created you to be and what He has called you to do.

Coaching with me is a unique experience that combines all the best aspects of counseling, coaching, and prophetic ministry. I don’t just help my clients create goals and achieve them. I walk them through a complete transformation. I teach and impart the keys of intimacy, tear down false mindsets, face fear head-on, and expose every area that would keep them from fully surrendering everything and jumping off the cliff with Jesus once and for all.

Working with me is not for the faint of heart, but it is undoubtedly for the pure of heart. I work with individuals, couples, people who are just walking out of religion into intimacy, as well as established leaders. If there is a desire in your heart for more, I am here!

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